Is division a solution to agreement?

Thabiso Mona

I was born in the rural settlement of Ga-Mogashoa, Sekhukhune, in the Limpopo province. There were separations and divisions in the settlement to a point where you couldn’t jump to each other’s territory. As I look back, I wonder what was the reason behind the separation. Why did we desire to divide and separate?

Right there we have one problem that has spread more than any cancer-Division. He cannot be with us nor fellowship with us because he is not one of us. Our believes, visions and hierarchy seems to matter more than all of us. We embrace ideas, believes and vision more than people. My church wears purple and white, and yours wears gold and black, therefore we cannot fellowship. Have you ever been to a crèche? This is what you will find: Kids of different religion, believes and background, playing together and excited. Today they fight and tomorrow they are back playing together again. The secret here is not just perseverance, but enjoying each other’s presence and value. There’s something about kids that is really interesting: Kids long for one another. I personally will confess that sometimes I don’t miss anyone, but just me and what I wanna do. But I believe the kids’ way is the best. Kids cry when a person leaves. They are actually saying: stay a little longer; lets continue fellowshipping; do not leave.

Paul puts down the mystery of Christ in this: God reconciled man to man and man to God in the broken body and shed blood of his Son. He continues to say that God’s purpose was to create in Christ, one new humanity. This is illustrated in his letter to the Ephesians 2. Obviously you know that this comes from the bible. However, it is amazing how the same bible is used to separate and divide God’s people. Surely, most of us who preach to follow Jesus have forgotten what Christ stood for. He attended parties and showed love to outcasts. He showed us that worth is not found in religion and church buildings and uniforms, but in us. Who we are is greater than all that we ever invent and institute.

Our division doesn’t help our disagreement, but gladly gives it nutrients. Our differences should be solved in unity, not in islands. If we disagreement leads to separation, then we will never agree and reconciliation will become hard.

Today the world is crowded with many denominations, simply because division was chosen instead of union and communion. Someone came up with a different idea which another saw as heresy, but instead of discussion and constructive dissection of the matter, both individuals got nervous of being wrong at the end of the discussion. In the end each individual became a party and gathered a certain number of followers, propagating the leaders’ idea and opinion. Seems like we came to settle the fact that where there’s unity, there are no different opinions. But that’s not always the case. Unity should encourage constructive discussion which leads to constructive decision making and settling of some imperative facts.

We might disagree, but we can still be fellas. We can still fellowship. Love advocates peace and joy. Paul in his letter to the Romans, wrote that the kingdom of God is about Joy, peace and righteousness. Isaiah prophesied that a child will play with a snake and Lion will lay down with an antelope. What does this mean? This means unity among people from different backgrounds and believes. We can be white and others black, but our grey region is love. It is in the universe of love where love and peace are.

Let love reign!


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