Dear Man Do You Know Who She Is…?

Sibhekiwe Cele

It was not good for you to be alone so the Lord saw it fit for her to be your helper

You were put into deep sleep while she was fearfully and wonderfully made from your rib bone

When you awoke as you gazed upon her your mouth poured out the flow of poetic utterances saying

This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh as you described her in awe of her beauty

Yet with the intense depth of this oneness you still threw her in the dark pit of abuse

Hostile ignorance has caused you not to be aware that in hurting her you are hurting your self.
Dear Man Do You Know Who She Is?
You have made this treasure of goodness into a live and breathing punching bag

Physically abusing her by misusing your physical strength on this weaker vessel

Your tongue has become a sharp sword piercing her with emotionally bruising words

You have forcefully imprisoned her mind, body and soul by imposing your self-exalting power and control over her.

You were called to serve just like the Son of God came not to be served but to serve

In what way have you served her by vandalising the walls of this temple of the Holy Spirit?

Dear Man Do You Know Who She Is?
She is your crown far more valuable than the worth of rubies

The apple of God’s eye with her name tattooed in His palms

How can you possibly you harm such virtue immersed in the ocean of amazing grace

Her identity is complete in Christ alone and she belongs to Him

As a hungry wild animal thirsty for blood you see her as prey that satisfies your sexual cravings

Your lustful nature has viciously snatched away her purity from proud virgin to just another rape statistic
Dear Woman Do You Know Who You Are?
If you knew who you were you wouldn’t have sad yes to this wolf dressed in the clothing of sheep

If you knew who you were you wouldn’t settle for left over crumbs for you are a daughter of a King that prepares a table  before you to feast in the presence of your enemies

Woman if you knew who you were you wouldn’t be drowning in the pool of fear for your God says that perfect love casts out all fear

Dear woman yet in the midst of your storm that comes with hurt, pain and misery you are to bring out the colorful rainbow of forgiveness

Just as God has forgiven you from all your sins with the shedding of His blood

Open the well of your heart and let the healing rain pour until you overflow with unconditional love that covers a multitude of sins
Dear Man Do You Know Who You Are?
A broken man breaks a woman

A hurt man hurts a woman

A man in pain tortures a woman

As a man thinks so is he and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

A man who is blind to who Jesus is will also be blind to who the daughter of the Everlasting Father is

Oh dear man plant Your roots deep into Christ and continiously water them with His Word

Growing into a man of honour that bears the fruit of the Spirit

Pray for the restoration of your Godly man-hood

The intended biblical purpose for the creation of you as the man

Let the pathway of restoration be the aisle that leads you to the covenant reunion to the woman that you named

Removing from her the veil of abuse and kissing her with the divine promise of loving her as Christ loves the church

In knowing God you will know who you are and who she is


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